Chris Sheppardson

Founder of EP and Chess Partnership

Chris is the founder of both EP (founded in 2005) and Chess Partnership (founded in 1998).

EP run over 70 events per year, bringing Industry players together to discuss, debate key issues of the day and to share knowledge. The three core planks to EP’s work are:

  • The importance of people and talent within hospitality
  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurs
  • The growing importance of hospitality in a wider social context.

Beyond EP’s own publications Chris is a published author with 5 books on both hospitality
and sport.

Chris also a Trustee of three charities; The Brand Foundation – supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurs: The One and All Foundation – improving Diversity in Hospitality (Trustee and founder) and Timeless Skills – supporting learning within schools in the poorest areas of India.

Chris is also a Patron of The Edge Hotel School and the Association of Catering Excellence. Chris also works closely in support of The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and also in supporting sports players after their sporting careers have finished.

100%Founder of EP and Chess Partnership

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