Vicente (Vince) Avalos

Director, AVENDRA

A lover of family, food and fun, Vince Avalos has enjoyed a wonderful life mentoring culinarians, a nurturing family and having fun!  Born in Aurora, Illinois (yes, Wayne’s World), Vince decided at age 14 that cooking was his passion.  He was the first male student allowed into home ed class although he did not realize he had to taking sewing the second semester.  Now he is a good chef and a little ‘sew and sew’. Graduated with degrees in culinary arts from Joliet College and CIA with professional achievements including gold medal salon winner at NRA, personal chef for the Marriott residence.

With Avendra Consulting Services, Vince spends a week or longer with a customer to conduct a deep-dive from purchasing, deliveries, production, menu engineering, QA, waste and just as importantly, competitive study and revenue regulating opportunities.  In addition, as Director of Discovery he works closely with culinary and operators to understand their vision and deliverable to customers by ‘discovering’ who their distributor partners are. Fun includes cooking with family and friends, traveling the world (next stop Africa) and walking.  The goal, to make wonderful memories.

100%Director, AVENDRA

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